Saturday, 22 February 2014

February Eats!

Hey Foodies!

Happy Sunday! February 2014 is over in 1 week... which means we are already 2 month into 2014!! 

I know everyone always says this but it just goes so quickly, funnily enough it goes especially quickly when you know you have exams and deadlines approaching!

Here are some of my foodie favourites from this year so far... 

I have been loving sweet potatoes since the start of the year, in fact I have been going a little crazy over them. Mashed, boiled, steamed and most importantly chipped! Check out my recipe for soy & ginger salmon with sweet potato fries here. I just can not get enough of these golden baked beauties.

When I went home recently we had a gorgeous fish curry using the Waitrose Goan Fish Curry recipe. I LOVE fish curry and this is a winner - make sure you use a firm white fish for this like cod or haddock :)

And, like always I have been trying lots of yummy snacks like this (to die for) 'skinny' popcorn by Metcalfe. For some reason on my Uni campus they sell this EVERYWHERE - maybe they have a deal with Metcalfe or something but I do not mind as it is fab!

 I even got in a lift the other day in the library to find my History of Sexuality tutor munching on a pack of their 'wasabi glaze' flavour!

My favourite so far is the 'chocolate crackle'. These are going to be featuring in my diet a lot I predict in exam term stuck in the library with these everywhere...!

Cliff bars. Too nice. Too yummy. After trying these I have been trying to control my cravings ever since! Enough said.

And I discovered the Biona pumpkin rye bread which is so, so delightful with some peanut butter :) I have been enjoying this week with sweet potato (again!) soup.

If you fancy buying some rye bread as apposed to making some, you can buy this fairly inexpensively from the main UK super markets or Holland & Barrett for around £1.50.  Biona have also recently brought out a new range of organic sweets!! I may need to investigate these further....

I have been loving dates to go with my coffee for an energy kick. Can you tell what I have been studying recently?!

I have also been inspired to try out reducing my dairy intake which means trying out some fresh milk alternatives. I have gone for Alpro Almond unsweetened as I like Alpro and have read and heard great things about this soy free milk alternative!

 So far, I am enjoying it but I have not tried it in my coffee yet so we shall see - I have heard it may alter the flavour a little? Let me know if you have experienced this!

I hope you are all fantastic and eating well so far this year! Have a lovely week :)


  1. My friend works at a uni and it's the same where she is - Metcalfs popcorn everywhere!

    1. Weird huh! But I ain't complaining!


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